Wrong Turn

"Wrong Turn" is a 2003 Horror, Thriller Movie.Directed by Rob Schmidt and written by Alan B. McElroy.The story of this movie is shortly--Chris Flynn is driving through the backwoods of West Virginia on the way to an interview when he has an accident with a group of five friends, writing off his car. Their car is also damaged, so four of them set off to find help, leaving two behind to watch the cars. One by one they get picked off by a bunch of mutated inbred hillbillies.

Genre: Horror,Thriller
Director: Rob Schmidt
Release Date: 30 May 2003
Duration: 84min
Country: USA
IMDb Ratings: 6.1

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Eliza Dushku
Desmond Harrington
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Jeremy Sisto
Kevin Zegers
Julian Richings
Lindy Booth